The Boost Brownie

We are pleased to introduce a brand new flavour to our range – The Boost Brownie!

It’s been a while since we launched a new flavour and we did promise we would in July, and as Boost is one of my all time favourite chocolate bars I thought, why not put it in a brownie?! And therefore The Boost Brownie was born!

Our signature Classic brownie with a delicious biscuity/chocolately/caramelly Boost bar running through the middle of every piece! These brownies are perfect just out of the fridge as they have a lovely firm chewy texture but will also be just as good soft and gooey, as the centre will still give a satisfying chew – yummy!

You can order yourself a box of 6 of these delicious gooey brownies right now in our shop or they might appear in a Lucky Dip Pack (which is a random selection of flavours from our range) if you’d like to try a selection of flavours!

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