vegan brownies

Easter Brownie Box

It’s finally here – our special Easter Brownie Box!

This box is available to order right now and is LIVE on our website today!

This year’s box will contain our popular Mini Egg brownie and NEW for 2022 will be a Galaxy Caramel Egg brownie! It will also contain a few extra little treats.

For our lovely vegans you can order any flavour combination in our vegan range and we can “Easter them up”! No-Gluten options are also available!

All for just £12 per box. Here are all the delivery details you need to know:

The last day to order for posting will be Saturday 9th April.

Local delivery (BN11-BN15 postcodes only) is available up to and including Saturday 16th April – a small fee applies.

Collection from Broadwater is available up to and including Saturday 16th April.

What are you waiting for?! Order now or pre-order for Easter. There are a limited number available so be sure to get in quick!

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Valentine’s Brownie Gift Box

With Valentine’s Day being only 2 weeks away, what better gift to give that special someone in your life than our special Valentine’s Brownie Gift Box. In our opinion, Valentine’s Day isn’t just for couples – whether it be a Galentine or that special someone in your life – let’s just spread the love!

This special Valentine’s Brownie Gift box will include the following flavours:

2x The Boost Brownie

2x Classic

2x Jammie Dodger (our popular vegan brownie made as a regular brownie – Jammie Dodger’s do have hearts after all).

For our lovely vegans you can order The Jammie One vegan brownies or a Vegan Half’n’Half pack of two flavours of your choice.

No gluten options also available.

We are still keeping our Valentine’s brownies at the same great price of £12 for 6 generously sized brownies.

We will be making local deliveries (BN11-BN15 postcodes only) on the day itself – 14th February. Delivery costs £1.95.

Collection is available from our base in Broadwater up to and including 13th February – please state your preferred collection date when ordering.

The last date for ordering is Thursday 10th February – so get your orders in quick!!

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New Vegan Flavour – The Jammie One

Introducing the newest flavour to our vegan range – The Jammie One!

The Jammie One is our Vegan Classic brownie stuffed full of yummy Jammie Dodger biscuits and topped with delicious raspberry jam (vegan friendly of course).

These have been tried and tested by some of the most discerning critics – our two young children! The result was unanimous! They absolutely loved them and we think they taste amazing too!

You can order single flavour packs of 6 or choose our Vegan Half’n’Half pack which is your choice of any 2 flavours from our vegan range. Each pack of 6 brownies costs just £12!

Collection from Broadwater is free, local delivery (BN11-BN15 postcodes) is £1.95 and we post Nationwide for £3.95.

Our vegan brownies contain wheatsoya and nuts. They are baked without dairy, eggs or other animal products. However, some of the ingredients we use, including the chocolate, carry manufacturing advice that they “may contain milk”. We are therefore unable to categorically confirm that our vegan brownies are suitable for those with a milk allergy. Whilst we make every effort to ensure there is no cross-contamination, all of our products are baked in a single kitchen which means such a guarantee is impossible.

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Christmas Brownie Gift-Box

We are so excited to launch our Christmas Brownie gift-box for 2021!

This special box will contain the following:

2x Salted Caramel brownies

2x ChocOrange brownies

2x NEW!! Cadbury Heroes brownies

No-Gluten boxes will be made up of Salted Caramel and Classic No-Gluten brownies. Please visit our No-Gluten page for further details on our No-Gluten brownies.

Vegan brownie gift boxes can be made up of our usual flavours and we will “Christmas them up”

These boxes are available to pre-order now. Please make a note of our final posting/delivery/collection dates below!

LAST DATE to order for posting is 13th December 2021

LAST DATE to order for local delivery (BN11-BN15 postcodes only) is 17th December 2021. Please note we will be making deliveries up to and including the 22nd December (please specify when ordering your preferred delivery date)

LAST DATE to order for collection (from Broadwater) is 17th December 2021. Collections can be arranged up to and including 22nd December 2021.

Our Christmas Brownie Gift-Boxes make the perfect present for any chocolate lover, a great teacher gift or just for yourself! We can also add a personal message to any box!

To avoid disappointment, please pre-order ASAP as we will only have a limited number of boxes available and will close our books once this has been reached!

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One Year Anniversary!

On the 18th September we celebrate our one year anniversary! One whole year since we started trading – it’s gone so fast!

We’ve had a fantastic year and met so many lovely people that we want to mark the occasion with an amazing offer! In fact 5 days of amazing offers in the run up to 18th September!

We will start the first offer on Monday 13th September so keep your eyes peeled for that! Make sure you check back on the website each day to find out the latest offer!

Our VegOreo and Vegan Biscoff brownies!

This will be the perfect chance to treat yourself (or someone else 😊) to some lovely gooey brownies – especially if you’ve not tried us before – and is our way of saying thank you for your support over the last year ❤️

We’ve got lots of different brownies to choose from so check out our shop and choose your favourite!

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And last of all – THANK YOU!!

A selection of our regular brownie range – Double Delight, Daim You! and Twixster!

Vegan Half’n’Half Brownies

Did you know that you can now order two of our vegan flavours in a Vegan Half’n’Half Brownies pack? So you get 6 generous sized brownies in two flavours of your choice (3 of each!). Our Vegan Half’n’Half pack costs just £12 for 6 brownies (plus shipping)!

We currently offer the following vegan brownie flavours:

Vegan Classic – our signature deep, rich, fudgy brownie

VegOreo – Vegan Classic Brownie with creamy, moreish, vanilla-filled Oreo biscuits

Biscoff – Vegan Classic Brownie oozing with Biscoff spread and topped with classic Lotus Biscoff biscuits

VegOreo and Biscoff Vegan Half’n’Half Pack of Brownies

We’ve had some amazing reviews recently of our vegan brownies which means so much to us – one customer recently said “They were unbelievable!” and another said “They were absolutely incredible – such a good size and they taste amazing!”

Our Vegan Half’n’Half pack can be collected from our base in Worthing for free, we do local delivery for £1.95 (BN11-BN15 postcodes only) and they can also be posted Nationwide! So all that’s left to do is decide which two flavours you want to order!!

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Treats for Meets!!

So, as we are finally allowed to meet up outside in groups of 6 again or two households, how about some “treats for meets”! We’ve all waited such a long time for this and it’s going to be so special coming together with friends and family 🥰. So why not take with you some “treats for meets”!!

What better way to make your meet ups go with a bang than to bring along some brownies for everyone to enjoy!

Treats for Meets!

Whether you are hosting some people in your garden, going to someone else’s garden or gathering in a public place, brownies are the perfect treat for the occasion!

Lucky Dip brownies – these are Salted Caramel and Twixster

We have lots of flavours available in our shop, and vegan options too 🌱, and it costs just £12 for 6 delicious generous homemade gooey brownies.

Collection is free from our base in Broadwater, Worthing or we can deliver locally (BN11-BN15 postcodes) for £1.95. We can of course also still post nationwide if you are still unable to meet up with those a little further afield just yet. Or if you are not local to Worthing but have heard just how delicious our brownies are and want to try them for yourself 😉 then we can just pop them in the post!

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They’re finally here!… VEGAN brownies!!

We are over the moon to announce our brand new range – Vegan Brownies! Well, it is Veganuary after all!

Not only that, we’re actually starting with two delicious flavours: Vegan Classic – deep, rich, fudgy chocolate brownie, and VegOreo – Vegan Classic brownie containing moreish, vanilla-filled Oreo biscuits. You can either order one flavour in a pack of 6 or have a mixed pack of both flavours. The price will be the same as our regular brownies – just £12 for 6 generous portions.

Vegan Half’n’Half brownie stack

More flavours will be introduced if we have enough interest 🙂. We’d love for you to share this post, or our Vegan brownie pages with anyone you know that is vegan or may just be interested!

Now for the serious part 🙈. Our vegan brownies are baked without dairy, eggs or any other animal products. However, as with many foodstuffs deemed ‘Vegan’, some of the ingredients we use, including the chocolate, carry manufacturing advice that they “may contain milk”. We are therefore unable to categorically confirm that our vegan brownies are suitable for those with a milk allergy. Whilst we make every effort to ensure there is no cross-contamination, all of our products are baked in a single kitchen which means such a guarantee is not possible.

All of our brownies are individually wrapped so if you would like to include some vegan brownies as part of a lucky dip pack just let us know when ordering.

Come on – click now – there’s only 12 days left of Veganuary!! ❤️