No-Gluten Brownies

We are really pleased to announce that we are now able to offer No-Gluten Brownies!

A no-gluten version is something that we have wanted to create for a while but needed to perfect the recipe before launching them! We’ve had some great feedback so far (see below) so now is the right time to finally be able to offer a No-Gluten Brownie option!

They are available in 4 delicious flavours:


Salted Caramel

Daim You!


A pack of 6 No-Gluten Brownies costs just £12 and we offer free collection, local delivery (BN11-BN15) for £1.95 and can post nationwide for £13.95. Head over to our shop now to try some today!

Please note that this range is not suitable for coeliacs as, although we do not use ingredients containing gluten, our kitchen uses gluten products. Whilst we make every effort to ensure there is no cross-contamination, all of our products are baked in a single kitchen which means such a guarantee is impossible.

*Although none of the ingredients in our No-Gluten Brownies contain gluten, the manufacturing advice on Terry’s Chocolate Orange states that they “May contain nuts, wheat” meaning that you must order this flavour based on your personal comfort and knowledge regarding Terrys’ Chocolate Oranges.

We’ve already had some great feedback on our No-Gluten range with one customer saying “these were the first no-gluten version I have had where I thought nothing was missing or not very nice substitutes were added”. We have also been told that our No-Gluten Brownies have “A superb texture and flavour” – how amazing is that!

No-Gluten pack of 6 brownies

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